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Historical Origins

Of tea origin and development
    China is the origin of tea. The earliest ancestors of the Chinese nation and to utilize tea, long-term practice through the ages, and create a variety of tea culture, the spread of the world, for the benefit of mankind.
    Chinese tea and tea culture has a long history of development throughout the progress of the development of the Chinese nation*dous 5,000 years of civilization.
Ancient times to the Northern and Southern Dynasties
    According to legend, discovered by Shen Nong tasted a hundred herbs tea. Later to the Warring States, that "tea" recorded in ancient literature. Jin Chang Qu "Huayang Ba Chi" recount that, of the business end of the beginning of the week when the ancient Ba and Shu areas already growing tea tea production. "Ya" in the the interpretation wood Ministry records, cashew, bitter tea. Wang Bao "cooking tea do with" about children "," Wu Yang to buy tea "records, reflects China*dous Western Han Dynasty ancient Bashu region home have been Pengcha tea plot. Eastern Han Hua the eclipse theory that "bitter tea long food benefits mean" ready-to-drink tea puzzle effect. Eastern Jin and Southern and Northern Dynasties, some insight put the tea as a symbol of corruption thrift.
Sui and Tang Dynasties
    During the Sui and Tang dynasties, national unity and economic development.
    Opened a north-south Grand Canal in the Sui Dynasty, they Lee Nam the tea transported north and cultural exchanges. Society minus the sum of the word "tea", the vulgar written as "tea", and since then we have become a special word of tea.
    Tang Dynasty Kaiyuan, the rise of the Northern Zen Buddhism, meditation dispel sleep, advocacy tea, tea of the development of the wind from the south to the north. The Lantern Tai calendar year, Lu Yu Tea "advent, China is also the world*dous first tea monograph. "Tea," described the origin of tea plucking and cooking drinks, tea sets and tea history, which greatly promoted the development of China*dous tea industry and tea culture.
Song and Yuan Dynasties
    Song and Yuan Dynasties, tea-growing areas continue to expand, tea, tea, some tea artistry sophisticated.
    Developed tea culture in the Song Dynasty, the emergence of a tea science writings, such as Cai Xiang "Tea recorded Songzi An" Dongxi try tea recorded "Confucianism" tea to be recorded, especially Huizong Zhao Ji pro "Treatise on Tea ", etc. Song Dynasty, the the Liu Song Lu Tong Pengcha map Zhao Mengfu "Cha Doo Figure" is the Chinese tea culture and art treasures.
Ming Dynasty
    The emperor Ming appreciation of the people the storm, Dahir mainly strike-made dragon group, subject to further mining bud "Since then, China*dous tea production is dominated by the group tea cakes turned loose tea. Tea has made significant progress in green tea based on white tea, black tea, yellow tea, oolong tea, black tea and flower tea and other teas in succession created.

    The Ming Dynasty strengthening tea political Tea Act, the Secretary for the establishment of a tea-horse for consolidating frontier defense, franchise shaky and tea, tea-horse trading.
Qing Dynasty to the Republic
    Qing Dynasty overseas transportation development, international trade, the rise of the tea to become China*dous major export commodities. Kangxi 23 years, the Qing court open Boycott, China*dous tea culture and tea merchandise pass to the West. In the early days of the Republic, the creation of the primary tea College, set up the Department of tea special training course and tea promotion the new law Zhongcha, machine tea, tea commodity inspection system, the development of tea quality inspection standards.
New Era of China
    After the founding of New China, the government attaches great importance to the tea industry. November 23, 1949, responsible for the affairs of the tea industry tea company in China (China Tea Co. predecessor) was established. Since then, tea flourish in the production, processing, trade, cultural and other aspects. 

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